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A good kitchen has to do continuous research.
It has to keep studying and being updated, keep experimenting, elaborating, sharing, growing up.
In kitchen everyone can explore his/her own limits, observing resources and working in team.
An avantguardistic kitchen try unrealistic matchings, track new roads and open itself to new horizons.
We enjoy the movie of life, cooking, preparing to serve the unknown.


Here an archive of video coloured of my interests inside and outside kitchen,

but also of alchemic metaphoric considerations, about our inner and outer reality.


I offer this collection of videos to whom want to become a professional veg chef.
Path is long and topics are many and connected each other.
I’d like so much, I admit it, that regular chef not veg yet, have the chance to stop and think about their job, that is much more than cooking for clients, who are becoming more and more hungry for ethic and natural food.
My wish is that in these pages everyone can find some ispiring inputs for a more aware cuisine.