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In Kitchen 3.0, present and future become execution in the present.
Science, misticism, spirituality, wellness and pleasure melt together.
Big pots of smoking stories and spicy thruths keep boiling continuosly.
Urban legends become cold cuts and fresh theories are vacuum closed.

We’re on line. Kitchen is ready to move its journey out of the box.

Feng Shui of rebirth

Our Hungry Buddha will close within 2 months.

We'll open in a new location at 100 meters from the old one, holding a 20 years contract, don't worry.

We are becoming bigger, from 8 to 12 seats, from 18 sqm to 46 sqm.

We start again.

Same as before, in Shaxi old Town, Yunnan Province, China.

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The eggplant that became cutlet

In 1988 Jean Pierre Garnier Malet, came up with "The Doubling Theory", HERE the tecnical part.

With all dued respect, I translate it shortly in my way.

There are different cycles and levels between time and space and even our souls would live in 2 different times.

We'd live in the Past and we'd be in touch with the soul in Future, by the very subtle moment of the Present.

The most interesting thing?

The french phisycian comes to the same datas of ancient vedic knowledge, related to number of cycles, ages and years.

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Garbage gourmand

Raw vegetal waste + sugar + water = magic.

Depending on what you want to do, you can choose to enrich the flavour of this garbage enzyme with lemon and orange skin, and decide to use just fruit, just vegetables, or a mix of them.

You will have a probiotic ingredient for your cooking, a base for dish soap, a base for body soap, a great fertilizer for your soil, a great water cleaner agent.

The magic of garbage, the magic of nature.

Insteresting isn't it?

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Vegan Ayurvedic Ikigai

How many persons are not following their personal ikigai?

This brings to be pessimistic with Mondays and not being able to express the own energy; first step for the self realization (ego) and contribution for a better world (eco).

Anyway, I see that more people get the points to respect the Planet (Vata), animals (Pitta) and their own health (Kapha)...see my previous article.

And so why they go vegan.

Message in the bottle is to listen to your dreams, your passions, your values/resources, projecting yourself in your vegan ayurvedic ikigai.

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Tiramisuper in Cambodia

Our experiment came as thing had to be done.

No vegan desserts on selling at the main supermarket...

Perfect chance for our Tiramisuper to collect feedback in a not so vegan-friendly place as Sihanoukville...(south of Cambodia).

We love challenges, you know.

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