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In Kitchen 3.0, present and future become execution in the present.
Science, misticism, spirituality, wellness and pleasure melt together.
Big pots of smoking stories and spicy thruths keep boiling continuosly.
Urban legends become cold cuts and fresh theories are vacuum closed.

We’re on line. Kitchen is ready to move its journey out of the box.

The journey of freedom

Talking about freedom and killing that one of others..doesn't work anymore...it never worked out.

Differently from the insta-trips, the journey of freedom is a continuous inner trip.

It's a dimension where you don't travel for selfies but to change youself, not to "like" to others but to get free from your own mental gates.

During online trips we carry the borders of our traditions and cultures, pointing others as aliens,

while during the "offline trip", our masks fall apart.



No more masks for "freedom talks" for who kills animals, dogs, rabbits, red tuna, whoever.

No more masks for who contributes, distributes, sponsors and elaborates as "gourmand food"

those animals want to live; snails, turkeys or lambs, whoever.

No more masks for those chefs who love their pet and doom baby pigs, killed from someone else.

The toxic system we live in, is made by us; made by our thoughts, talks and actions.


We are the system talking about freedom but making wars against animals; labeling as extremist

who try to respect animal freedom, the nature of this Planet, the human health.


We define "ingredient" the animal that wanted to live,

but we don't consider enough the water needed to substain the meat's industry, as the most important ingredient.

Water, it's the natural ingredient we should focus on.

The true journey is that one inside us.


I propose you a quick instatrip between dishes made in these last 8 years of Asia, trying to respect the animal freedom most of possible.


1. 3:5, ancient road connecting India and China

2. Taro flower in Bai style, Yunnan

3. Thai Tung Tong

4. Spaghetti, chinese olives, fermented tofu

5. Raw veggie pad thai and tamarind sauce

6. Wild swiss herbs in Yunnan green tea

7. Philipine eggplant in milanese way

8. Cauliflower in risotto with cambodian cornpeppers

9. Black Candido in Hong Kong, baked in bamboo leaf and salt crust



"I eat only what I can kill with my hands".


Have a great journey, my free-soul friend.


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