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In Kitchen 3.0, present and future become execution in the present.
Science, misticism, spirituality, wellness and pleasure melt together.
Big pots of smoking stories and spicy thruths keep boiling continuosly.
Urban legends become cold cuts and fresh theories are vacuum closed.

We’re on line. Kitchen is ready to move its journey out of the box.

Party @ Hungry Buddha

It's party time!!!

Let's celebrate the new year together!

We're ready to make your holidays in Yunnan memorable!


...we'll be also ready with some surprises..

1) Hungry Buddha turns vegan!

2) Tiramisuper turns vegan too!

3) ...Can't be said...come and join the party! :)


31th December 2016

@ Hungry Buddha

from 7pm



100 rmb

1 free drink


Standing buffet

Limited places



via wechat:         Anxin        Anxin-Mau    

via email             Mau          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

via phone            Sha          18787873721


Menu 2017

Gallery 2017


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