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In Kitchen 3.0, present and future become execution in the present.
Science, misticism, spirituality, wellness and pleasure melt together.
Big pots of smoking stories and spicy thruths keep boiling continuosly.
Urban legends become cold cuts and fresh theories are vacuum closed.

We’re on line. Kitchen is ready to move its journey out of the box.

Green Mondays

Hi everybody,

I hope you are in good shape, in balance and possibly happy.

I’d like to propose you a thought about the popular theme “You are what you eat”.

It’s Monday, moon is new and you might search for good intentions.





Everything is energy. Do we agree?

(See Garganella Theory)

garganella theory



Food is one of the most important source of energy for humans. Do we agree?

(See Enlightening Rawism)


 We could stop even here, but I’d like to move forward.



Ayurveda describes these energies as 3 Doshas, not only contained in food.

(Air = Vata, Kapha = Earth, Pitta = Fire)



Each object of reality has a body, an inner logic and a soul.

Body is the physic object, in its tridimensional aspect.

Logic is related to its structure.

We could draw matrices of persons, animals, flowers, stones, mountains, atoms, understanding a precise logic in every detail.

Soul is the engine of vibrational system.

Many cultures describe it as the key to turn on and turn off our lives.

You can understand its presence in the flow of Qi in a eastern vision or with the vibration of 11 strings in an atom for a western vision.

These 3 levels of every object are clearly connected each others.



Following the Ayurveda we’re in balance when 3 Doshas are in balance; this doesn’t mean that these 3 energies are on the same level.

Deseases for Ayurveda are caused from the imbalance of doshas.

Goal of Ayurvedic lifestyle is that to reach the “Sama Dosha”.


             Cooking and eating

When we eat and cook, we approach to the food in its 3 levels:

the physic-sensorial one, the logic-structural one, and the spiritual-vibrational one.



The physic one is connected to the sensorial level: food come to us by view, smell, touch, hearing and taste.



Logic and mental part is large, very large:

we have the structure of food in itself, the external environment, the mental patterns of who cooks/eat.

Food is prepared following techniques related to natural laws.

Modern food is presented, not just with parameters of beauty but also with cultural stereotypes, social ones, framed by human common sense and geographical and historical circumstances.

Also the nutritional aspect, as in the ancient Ayurveda, is today pointed attentively from many, often understanding that our health is determinated already in our microcosme, readable with a language of Chemistry, Qi or Doshas.

Who eats and cooks, bring also with his/herself the own mental patterns, philosophical, social, cultural point of view and personal experience.



Energy of food is proportional to the vibrating part of the ingredients; the way of cooking is a kind of filter.

The vibrational charge of food doesn’t come just from the ingredients, but is influenced from the cook’s energy, too. (See Meraki Bread)

Meraki heart bread

Also environment around could influence the food in terms of energies.



If modern science tell us about toxins released in the death point into the animal’s meat, spirituality tell us the need, wherever is possible, to don’t kill other living creatures in this Nature, avoiding and refusing pain, torture and death.



Ethic and moral sufference of a lattuce leaf or the tears of a pumpkin are preferible to those ones of any animal, as the “common”, human and planetary sense deeply say to us.

Also from healthy and environmental point of view, it’s supposed to prefer a vegetal diet.

Let’s not forget that also from a spiritual corner, we’re invited to “don’t kill”, message that nowadays, sadly, has been corrupted in the different religions and between theirs believers and practitioners.



Do we want to feed ourselves of bad energies?

The answer, if you really care, it’s clear.

Do we agree?



Action-experience comes just after the logic-word.

The logic-word comes just after the intuition-thought.

Let’s not forget about willing, that doesn’t come before understanding.

Often, we have mental patterns not so easy to decode and dissolve.

Social pressure and mediatic interests don’t help us for sure.

Let’s stop, let’s don’t go further.



My wish is that more cooks and diners have an attentive, logic and emphatic thought about what to cook and what to eat.

For 3 meals each day and not only for one day per week.


Stay tuned,


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