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In Kitchen 3.0, present and future become execution in the present.
Science, misticism, spirituality, wellness and pleasure melt together.
Big pots of smoking stories and spicy thruths keep boiling continuosly.
Urban legends become cold cuts and fresh theories are vacuum closed.

We’re on line. Kitchen is ready to move its journey out of the box.

Enlightening Rawism

Science has always contributed to food industry, often pushing chemical products guaranteed by white jacket doctors, sometimes instead with its "new" studies, leading some new food trends and habits.

Nowadays more people is aware that behind rawism, there's not just a mystic fancy trend.

Rawism and fermented food are keys used also from ancient cultures to preserve food with all its positive charge and untouched nutritional aspects.

Think about that.

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a) When we talk about calories of a meal, we talk about the energies of heat needed to increase the temperature of water, meant of our body.

b) The western scientific society is realizing that in our body we don’t have just vessels, organs and so on. It exists indeed an inner energy that regulates our body and its functions; such flow of energy that is called Chi.

c) Even with the same amount of calories in our body, an acupuncture session could increase or decrease the inner temperature in a few seconds, just touching particular points of meridians, making flow the Chi in different ways.

d) The temperature of our meals, cooked in different ways, will never be the only meter for the increasing/decreasing of caloric indexs; it exists a proper nature of the ingredient in itself that can warm up, cool down or keep the balance related to the body temperature.

e) Actual studies have demonstrated that, even if is not visible to our eyes, our body projects a light depending on food consumed. This light could be considered following different meters: caloric, electrotermic, biophotonic, flow of Chi.

Confused? Good!

In this ocean of information, I’m here to offer you intuitions, ispirations and whenever I can, my direct experiences.

You will not find the Philosopher’s stone on this blog, but more likely an invitation to the simple observation.

Till a few years ago, we thought that to be stronger and more active we needed red meat in our meals.

If we want to increase our masculine sexuality we’d need to eat bull’s testicles and similars.

These beliefs are nowadays antipodal to the recent discoveries, at the opposite of eating loving ourselves.

It would seem that dead animals indeed, should be buried under ground, while since ages the vegetals grow up from earth to sky.

Parallely more energies, instead to go down to the digestion, would go up to the cerebral activity.

Understanding these simple observations, keeping aside scientific discoveries for a while, we’d realize that a vegetal diet would help to increase our psycosoma healthly, while a diet based of died animals would bring us more quickly under ground.

If we analyze closer, a vegetarian/vegan diet it could be considered more or less healthy, following different levels: if we use OGM products, if we prefer the industrial ones, packaged ones, overcooked, seasonal ones, fresh ones, raw ones, fermented ones…

It’s well known that raw food keep more properties than cooked food, preserving fibers and enzhymes.

A fermented food contains more vital vibrations than an OGM food, and so on…

Let’s back to our scientific studies now: even the new biophotonic discoveries about the food arrive at the same results: consuming more raw food our body gains in vitality and objectively even the inner light.

A dead person blanches and a raw vegetable shines, isn’t it?

Do you prefer an overcooked lamb or some raw veggies for lunch, today?


Here we are with our daily proposal, simple and tasty.

Make some “spaghetti” with zucchini and carrots, cut “julienne” some green and red cabbage, some green, yellow, red bell pepper.

Prepare a tamarind sauce soaking the tamarind for 8 hours already clean from the external part. Take out the seeds and strain the sauce.

Add some soia sauce, if you like some chopped garlic and chili, correct the taste with some lemon juice and brown sugar if needed, salt and blend all.

If you don’t find fresh tamarind try to find the sauce ready in some indian shop. Complete the dish with some raw cashewnut and edible roses.

Implatement has to follow the Garganella principles.

It has to be instinctive in its simplicity and out of implatement’s trends.

Colours, shapes, flavours of ingredients are enough to surprise the diner. Every surprise bring a better awareness of the reality.

A more clear awereness bring more intuitions, to more subtle observations, to more subtle vibrations.

This kind of little daily experiences will bring closer to Garganella, to a superior taste, to happiness.

Enjoy your meal with Garganella!


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