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In Kitchen 3.0, present and future become execution in the present.
Science, misticism, spirituality, wellness and pleasure melt together.
Big pots of smoking stories and spicy thruths keep boiling continuosly.
Urban legends become cold cuts and fresh theories are vacuum closed.

We’re on line. Kitchen is ready to move its journey out of the box.

The Garganella Theory

“Everything, whatever is living creature or not, is the manifestation of different kind of vibrations.”

Nowadays this concept is becoming more acceptable in our society but we needed several centuries to digest this knowledge.

The vegetal systems vibrate differently from the animal ones, fossils vibrate differently from humans. But we are all influenced by the same common precise nature of the universal law.

We vibrate.




In Garganella we trust

One of the first person experiencing these vibrations with a scientific understanding was the Gautama Buddha, lived around 2500 years ago. He called “kalapas” what actually we mean as atoms, and he recognized 8 inseparable elements of material essence in each vibrating kalapa, as earth, water, fire, air, color, smell, taste and nutritive essence. He reach this awareness meditating.

In 1952 a scientist from the Berkley University, ispired from the bubbles of a glass of beer, domonstrated the subatomic parts after building a sophisticated machine called “bubble chamber”. He was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in 1960 for this. Later on was built another huge machine, called “Gargamelle”. In the same years more phisicians put all these discoveries into the theoretical framework known as “Strings theory”.

Garganella is an italian word that licterally means drink in a shot directly from a bottle. In itself keep the sound of the bubbling passionated and instinctive action.

Since a few years I’m developing the Garganella Theory and I’d like to share with you some points.

In itself, Garganella has no vibes of fear and flow on the present moment. It starts to be active when certain particular nodes of mind are solved. This it makes the difference with the adrenalin, that instead moves on phisical nervous patterns and is related to emotions as fear, too.

Garganella is just one of the different kind of vibrations, it can generates the most impactive wave related to other vibes. It’s considered the vibration most easy to absorbe and digest for humans and animals, because it touches the chord of happiness, out of logical patterns. Happiness in this meaning has to be considered with a metaphore as perfect geometric shape, as circle, as equilateral triangle…even if a child cannot drawn it, can understand and experience it instinctive.

Real stages of Garganella are considered in the western society in the same way the buddhist enlightment is considered in eastern society even if these 2 states move on different, almost opposite dimensions.

Buddhist enlightment for example, is the absence of suffer, absence of thoughts through the past and future directions, it’s about the observation and awareness of the now. It comes with a long and hard practice.

Garganella looks coming with a shock determinated from the Future. It comes when our lives are shaked from our routine, and the only decisions we can take, face the vibrating colors of Garganella, through a better future for our lives.

It looks that Garganella comes to us not following the karmic line of action and reaction, it looks coming accidentaly, out of scientific logics and regular timelines.

This status moves from external actions to the mind level, causing then the sensorial vibrations, generating a full instant phisical awereness and a consequent session of other inner actions, out of pattern of our past beliefs or habits.

Garganella, as happiness is meant in other philosophies, has quite precise rules. For example is not on a bank account, not on Google, not branded as religion or result of any dogma.

It might sounds a bit complicated matter, but the truth is that we have under our noses daily cases of its manifestation.

How many times you took an apparently insane, not logical decision and then you had a Garganella vibe just on that moment? It’s just after that you realize that without that illogical decision you wouldn’t achieve to your actual status of things.

So often it comes with strong deep and strong choices, for examples giving up to strict lifestyles, changing totally careers, quitting stressful jobs, breaking unhealthy relations, the choice to start a long trip or to change radically diet.

Garganella comes usually from a shock, it’s not planned in advance in most of cases and it’s like to jump out of our own ego. It’s the link connecting the past and the future on a direction bringing to our own freedom and liberation. At the same time it gives the signal of confirmation that we are on the correct path of our life.

In Garganella status you have the aware possibility to look back on timeline, even if you’ll have no the intentions to back. We can’t see or experience any Garganella if simply we keep on repeating our routine, closing our minds more and more in our solid lifes.

Garganella needs a fertile soil of flexibility, self positive questions, personal introspection, and most of all, will to be organically happy. But it’s also true that more subjects experienced the Garganella status living their strict lifes; in this cases the shock has to be more traumatic as an accident, a loss, a coma.

Garganella looks like a traumatic correction hit from the divine to our linear-karmic lives. It’s predictable as a thunderbolt in a storm.

It’s quite common that persons awaken after a coma or a big accident they back to live more passionately than before. That force is not adrenaline, it’s Garganella.

Since Garganella means in many cases: “Do the right thing even if goes in opposite direction to your beliefs and mental patterns”, a good example could be the change of a carnivor diet into the vegetarian/vegan one.

The feeling of not kill anymore for eating, to don’t impact the Planet with our food, to be healthier at the same time, are just secondary aspects to the Garganella, are just mental or phisycal feelings and intuitions.

Garganella in fact doesn’t pass through social models, philosophies and logical solutions; it’s simply related to our directed actions on the present moment. In the example of turning in veg diet, Garganella goes from the mental node (solving) to the phisical benefits (experienced).

It goes from the “unconscious” mind to the body; it’s not about decoding information from sensations to mind.

Nowadays, Garganella’s philosofical meaning is the vibration of good wish, happy visualization, emotion on the Dhamma road.

It’s becoming a popular slang between young illuminati; “Have a nice garganella night” or “let’s go with garganella” are quite poular ways to say nowadays.

With the hope that some of you will touch Garganella soon…we wish you all the best.

May the Garganella be with you.





What the bleep do we know

What the bleep do we know


Bruce Lipton, Biology of belief

Bruce Lipton Biology of belief

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