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In Kitchen 3.0, present and future become execution in the present.
Science, misticism, spirituality, wellness and pleasure melt together.
Big pots of smoking stories and spicy thruths keep boiling continuosly.
Urban legends become cold cuts and fresh theories are vacuum closed.

We’re on line. Kitchen is ready to move its journey out of the box.

Personalized food

Idea of personalized food born at Hungry Buddha in 2013.

In 2016 we tried succesfully the concept in a Wellness Center in Phuket, Thailand.

Now technology to move on the project as APP, is arrived.



Following the Ayurveda system, diseases comes from the unabalnce between 3 kind of energies called Doshas, that build up our psychosoma.

What's the best food to gain this psycho-phisic balance? (Sama)

Energy of food we eat comes from the combination of properties of ingredients and their elements; following the Ayurveda a different combination of elements gives the 3 different "Doshas".

At the beginning of the project in 2013, we used to classify the dishes following the 3 ayurvedic doshas; disntinguing the ingredients agreeing with the 5 Elements of chinese medicine, because more easy to understand and also fittable with the indian tradition.

Ayurvedic food comes from the analysis of single ingredients and the method of cooking, also possibly divided in 3 doshas:

Vata -> raw and fermented food

Pitta -> cooked with high fire

Kapha -> slowly cooked

With modern technologies, we are able now to diagnose a face by selfie and classify it following the ayurvedic cases.

Parallely we'll be able to propose designed recipes and tips for every single specific case.


Just a selfie and a clic. Let's start. 


Automathic diagnosis. No bla bla. 


Tips of the day. 


Personalized menu, just choose your favourite item. 


...and just follow the recipe designed for you. 


Actually we're looking for small investors, partners and collaborators with ayurvedic skills. 

Contact me if interested.



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Tags: personalized food, ayurveda, daily tips, designed recipes

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