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In Kitchen 3.0, present and future become execution in the present.
Science, misticism, spirituality, wellness and pleasure melt together.
Big pots of smoking stories and spicy thruths keep boiling continuosly.
Urban legends become cold cuts and fresh theories are vacuum closed.

We’re on line. Kitchen is ready to move its journey out of the box.

Intelligent Consultancy

On-line/On-site consultancy

Here we are.

Finally I've designed my personalized consultancy service, obviously based on Ayurveda.

My proposal is for who wants to develop his/her own project (Vata), who wants improve in his cooking and kitchen management skills in terms of vegan/intelligent cuisine (Pitta) and to who needs solutions about management and administration for his/her own company. (Kapha).

On-line and on-site.

Listening is the first step of a good communication.
Understanding how to be helpful, the second one.
With the third one starts the magic.





a) First contact by presentation via format/email.

b) We meet on Skype to discuss your proposalcosts to reach you, documentation needed, including visas/business permits and other details as accommodation, price/salary and so on. 

c) At the same time or as next steps we find an agreement and in case we move to plan the steps of consultancies / start up / operations. 

d) At go, we start.


For a better communication I propose often an Orientation (1) as first step to better know each others, to understand generally the themes, availability, costs and schedule both calendars.

Understood that consultancy is doible, also other aspects as market, potential, strategies, budget and other details can be sketched. 



1. Orientation:

Decoding the own passions, valuating own skills and express the own potential integrated in the modern society. 

Not easy, uh.

These the points I touch in the orientation service where I propose at the beginning the meaning of Ikigai to better understand where we start and where we want to go, as persons as well our projects. 

Ikigai official

Ayurvedically, I define this land as Sama, so often point to re-build-up and starting point to the persons with no clear visions about what to do as well as welcome questions, to clearify our true intentions.


2. Project:

Develop a brand (and being able to grow up its value): the most important thing in my opinion of every start up and project.

We analyze the ground (market), we spread the selected seed (idea), and we give water (resources).

The start up of a project is the most delicate part, and I guess here in this area, my most efficient contribution that I can offer.

This space is related to Vata (Air) in my ayurvedic vision, where we project in the Future. 

3. Work:

We're talking about cooks and chefs and kitchen life. 

In this area I offer theoretical bases beside live cooking, or from your kitchen, or from mine, or parallely in both. 

A hyper-personalized support for two categories as cooks and chefs.

Following my system, not many recipes but much more understanding as in self-learning method.

I'd like pretty much to help those regular chefs interested in knowing more about vegetal cuisine, and giving them inputs and ideas beside some basic techniques.

We define this area as Pitta (Fire), related to the action on the Present as cooking and approach with an efficient self-learning method.


4. Administration:

The rich tree has solid roots. 

I understand that who has no experience and skills in this f&B industry can meets complicate cases, economic nightmares, crazy kitchen staff, lazy service, inefficient marketing, absence as administration, headaches and depression behind the corner just for a lack of a transparent working flow, winning and functional.

My support is technical and psychological offering solutions to jump out from this mad industry and reaching real qualitative goals with no compromises; help that I can offer now to F&B enterpreneurs and free lancers. 

For a rich tree we need to have solid roots. In this meaning I define this area of consultancy as Kapha (Earth).

Administrating and managing is at the base of any running progect, it's a fundamental attention needed since the beginning. It will be seen then as good Past and background, enjoying the fruits that will give the whole tree then.


Note: prices are quite flexibles because the aspects to consider are multiple.

For categories 2, 3 e 4 I offer beside my knowledge, the support of other specialized professionals in different areas, from brand development to marketing, from pastry to bakery from accounting to independent video makers, from web designing till personalized music.

My sincere intention is that one to offer my knowledge and network and optimize the results hyper-personalizing my services, eventually open to further collaborations.




a) At the moment of contact is useful:

    CV or short introduction                 (in case of 1 o 3)

    link to own page or website            (in case of 3)

b) Just after:

    We fix the first free hour to meet each others on Skype and understanding how I can be helpful.

    On this step or just later we define more details of consultancy, price included. 

c) After received the payment

    Via PayPal

d) I offer the best personalized service 

    ...going beyound your expectations.




Write me if interested.




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