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In Kitchen 3.0, present and future become execution in the present.
Science, misticism, spirituality, wellness and pleasure melt together.
Big pots of smoking stories and spicy thruths keep boiling continuosly.
Urban legends become cold cuts and fresh theories are vacuum closed.

We’re on line. Kitchen is ready to move its journey out of the box.

Unique retreats

I was considering a retreat for me.
I know...I live already in "my retreat" since 2010...but now I want to go deeper in my research.


4 Maurino visionary chef 

Me and my wife Anxin realize how our future, beside projects and consultancies, go to the "retreat lifestyle", where as retreat we mean step and live out of this tough society, living most possibly connected to the Nature.

For this reason Anxin is studying Ayurveda and other stuff up on mountains somewhere in China and I was considering to step out Cambodia and being available especially for "retreat consultancies", in Asia and worldwide.

We strongly believe that the "Retreat " is a good business that helps to detox from the modern times, but before to be a business it needs to bring a good example of lifestyle to the clients of Retreat, so why we keep on studying and experimenting in this direction and on ourselves.

Retreat helps stressed people living in the MASSification to move out, sometimes for a break, sometimes for longer periods and possibly forever, changing their whole mind conception about life.

Good retreats focus on customization of each client, because persons stepping out of MASS need to find their unicityso why Retreats have to be unique in their proposal and well supported by experts.

The risk otherwise would be that one to fall in the same trap of "New age", where just branding food, yoga and a good views, creates a pollution around the real whole concept of natural health, as retreat commonly has to be.

Network of masters behind retreat concepts, as well as in other kind of projects, is one of the most important key between the resources needed.

Also for this reason I've founded in last months groups as "Vegan Chefs" and "Vegan Chefs Asia", as group of professionals possibly interested in positions and collaborations.

I'm ready to help on the food side, crafting with local staff the best creative menus and food from local ingredients, making flow all the system behind food and service and caring especially about the single clients and their single diet.

A client in a retreat has to be treated as unique.
Successful Retreats are often unique concepts, specialized and well addressed.
So why you need a unique and passionated consultant, as me. 

From next Septmeber I'll start my trip-retreat around, between Nature and consultancies and I start now to schedule it a bit.

Keep in touch my friend,
and stay unique.


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