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In Kitchen 3.0, present and future become execution in the present.
Science, misticism, spirituality, wellness and pleasure melt together.
Big pots of smoking stories and spicy thruths keep boiling continuosly.
Urban legends become cold cuts and fresh theories are vacuum closed.

We’re on line. Kitchen is ready to move its journey out of the box.

Out of the vegan label

Vegan market is manipuled from the same people moving wars and inequity on this Planet.

- There's something wrong in vegan market (Mau)

- There's something wrong in the contemporary F&B industry (Giulio)

So what?

Any cuisine should be unique, out of manipulated labels and freemasonry.


In short:
We're elaborating a cuisine out of any manipulated label.
A cuisine founded on respect for Nature, made of Awareness, Knowledge, Intelligence and Cooperation.


I don't want to be part of this hypocritical vegan revolution and I want to step out clearly with this letter.

I'm not alone.

We're a group of chefs coming from different paths, professionals and free thinkers, already working for a better Planet in our personal life. 

In our vision cooks and chefs are persons and not machines.
Ingredients are the most important things and come directly from Nature.

We're dreaming this and we're starting our actions right now.
Out of any labels because we're unique.


Open letter from Giulio:

I'm writing you because I'm a chef, 28 years old who loves cooking, but has clearly seen from inside how the misconstruction of the F&B business leads inevitably to a far less then optimal nutritional choice for the consumer.
Due to economic and physical limitations, e.g. the uncertainty about the number of clients, and the need to cut costs in order to earn a living, food quality is rarely, if ever respected.

I'm fond about the good old quote “we're what we eat”, therefore it is straightforward for me that when food quality is not respected, neither the people are, nor the environment.
After years of traveling some of the world's elite kitchens, without ever finding what I was really looking for, I've finally come to the conclusion that the problem was not linked to a specific restaurant, but to the system as a whole.

There I started thinking about the alternative.
I decided to call it Rootfood.
I'm facing multiple problems, and I promised my self that until I'll solve them I wont go back to the kitchen. I wont compromise no more with low quality ingredients, vegetables that come from monoculture, meat that has been feed transgenic cereals and has lived a very short sad life caged in 2 square meters, frozen fish filets coming from the other side of the world, shrimps full of powders to preserve their color, and all the other canned, plasticized stuff we find at supermarkets, because yes, that is what most of us eat.
Moreover the life of the chef in the kitchen resembles more and more that of a slave, who sacrifices his own mental and physical health in order to make his customers happy. I've meet many, too many, alcoholic, confused, sick people working behind the stove, reversing negative energy into their food.
Still I want to keep cooking, I love it, good food is the fuel of my life.
Back to Rootfood.
As the word says my vision about the solution is based on simplification, on proximity and direct contact with the ingredients, on respect, on creating the connection between taste and nutrition, many of the concepts which are largely used by the most in the food businesses, but unfortunately only for marketing purposes.
What I'm proposing and looking for is a job as private chef, who will possibly have a long term relationship with his clients, to share with them the benefits of a healthier nutrition.
Somebody who is willing to understand the value of having a dedicated expert person handling their food, searching the very best nature around them is offering and respecting it truly.
In recent times more and more world athletes are recognizing the benefits of a similar kind of diet thanks to a few enlightened chefs and health coaches who are cutting back on powders to go back to REAL FOOD, why shouldn't everybody do so?
Is it maybe the job of an engineer less demanding than that of an Olympic runner?

I don't think so, the demand is just different in its composition and everyone would benefit enormously from an healthier diet, the system as a whole would benefit.

Realizing that even though I worked many years in the kitchen I didn't really know where our food was coming from, I decided the first thing to do was to go back to the roots myself.
I took a five months trip from the north of Italy to the most south point of Europe, working the land as a volunteer, exploring the see and the woods, taking a close look at the interaction between man and the rest of nature. It was a life changing experience. A very good solid root.

Now the next step, which is revealing to be more difficult as it is based on the conviction of others a part from myself. I need to find a job, or should I say create a collaboration, which is able to support me and help me facing the economic problem which all of us have to deal with.
I now find my self in the Canary islands, more precisely in Fuerteventura, but I'm ready to reach anybody who is willing to hire and support the project.

Rootfood is offering my passion and experience, and a set of instruments which I collected to make great food, tasty and exiting, from mixers to juicers to dehydrators and knifes, I'm moving with a good bag of tricks.
Sure that I'll find someone ready to understand the value of my offer, I'm meanwhile focusing on the study of the natural resources of this beautiful land where I'm living, working with farmers, meeting the fishermen, and I invite anybody who wishes to do so to come and meet me here, so that I can give you a taste of what I'm talking about.

Sincerely yours,



A presto!


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