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Natural food & 

unique concepts


Ciao and welcome aboard,

My name is Mauro Anzideo a.k.a. Maurinoveg, here painting my professional proposal with colored philosophy, projects and futuristic visions. 

My passion is to cook and do constantly research, in kitchen as well in life.

 I design food concepts based on natural and healthy ingredients in a vegetal, profitable and creative way. 

I do my best to deliver customized solutions considering the whole resources and respecting the local environment. 

I propose consultancies on-line and on-site and I’m available for start ups and collaborations, for privates as well for companies. 

Since 2010 I brought my services through China, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Italy, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and I'm ready now for the next steps.

In 2013 I opened Hungry Buddha in Shaxi Old Town, Yunnan Province, China, considered one of the best restaurant in all the province.


Since 2014 I developed more projects, here the 3 main ones:




Food 3.0

Intelligent Cuisine Guide

My wish is to collaborate with intelligent, professional, nice and active persons, to create together better food concepts.

In 2017 I've launched the "Vegan Chefs" FB groups to have a better netwrok for positions and collaborations between chefs sharing the same kind of culinary orientation.


In 2017 more paths of different chefs gather with a unique philosophy behind their cuisines.

"Intelligent Cuisine" is just born.


I'd might not be a classical chef, but I guarantee my unicity as visionary chef.

  • Why feed just our stomachs when our souls are hungry too?

    Cucina Intelligente


  • Early Bird Service

    Early Bird Service

    20 November 2017

    Is your dream far away from you?  Do you live a hell-life? Do you feel like a bird in a cage?

    The Chakra connection

    The Chakra connection

    02 November 2017

    I was thinking about more interaction between us. If you passby here, there's obviously a conection. I propose you my chakra-map-connection; don't be shy and take position.

    Personalized food

    Personalized food

    18 October 2017

    Idea of personalized food born at Hungry Buddha in 2013. In 2016 we tried succesfully the concept in a Wellness Center in Phuket, Thailand. Now technology to move on the...

    The path is long and topics are many and all connected to each other
  • My wish is that in these video everyone can find some ispiring inputs for a more aware cuisine.

My cuisine?

Is good but my ideas are even better

Background Projects Visions